Careful. Ready. Cuddles.

Choose the relax area for your holiday in South Tyrol.

Reserve the Fritz or Amalia in an elegant retro look? Or one of our cozy suites and apartments in modern Alpine style?

It doesn't matter how you choose. It is definitely the right choice.

Sweet dreams!


Spoiled for choice: suite or apartment.

You can book your holiday home either as a suite or as an apartment!

Suite: including Brigitte's delicious breakfast buffet (without use of the kitchen).

Apartment: including use of the kitchen (without buffet breakfast).


50m² for 2-5 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

The great-grandmother. Amalia's favorite color is dark red. She loves the morning sun and always needs to be warm. That's why there are two infrared chairs in Amalia's room. Feel the warmth that pampers you too.


50m² for 2-4 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

The grandfather Fritz is often in blue, he prefers to wear jeans! Fritz likes the scent of real leather.  It's not what you're thinking... He is a shoemaker. When his feet are cold, he sits down in the leather chair and stretches his feet towards the stove. Instead of the stove we have installed two infrared chairs for Fritz.


39m² for 2-5 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

The other grandfather. Karl is a carpenter. His favorite color is yellow, ocher to be precise. The rain of (May) makes you beautiful, he always says. That's why there is a waterfall and rain shower in his bathroom.


49m² for 2-5 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

The grandmother Marie loves the dark green of the woods of her native land and the roar of the centuries-old canals of upper Venosta valley. Her bathroom is therefore equipped with a waterfall and rain shower.


47 m² for 2-5 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

This is not for grumblers. Let the sun shine in your heart and on your face. Don't panic for all late risers. We have thought of everything: there are shutters. Elements made of real antique wood and a well-equipped kitchen in midnight black ensure chic holiday moments with cool rhythms and hot bathrooms.


43 m² for 2-4 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

The early bird gets the worm. Let the morning sun kiss you to wake you up. Sound trivial? But that is how it is. Try it for yourself! The old barn wood beams, a plaid sofa and fluffy blankets offer an extra amount of comfort. Not enough? Of course, of course we also have a sauna for you!


47m² für 2-5 Personen
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

For nature lovers and for all those who like to sweat. True antique wood, a stone sink brings nature into your vacation home. Sweat in the sauna or, in hot weather, on the cool private sun terrace.


36 m² für 2-4 Personen
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

For night owls and all those who want to become one. Enjoy the evening sun on the huge terrace and watch the shooting stars at night. The illustrated magazine view with the Abbey of Monte Maria and the Prince's Castle is free for you! A well-equipped kitchen, a quiet living area with antique wood elements and a chic bathroom with natural sink and steam room await you here


37 m² for 2-4 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

For dreamers and sun lovers. Live like a prince in the Fasses apartment overlooking the Prince's Castle. And also for the rest it is easy to resist here: small south-facing balcony with an impressive view of the Ortles, the highest mountain in South Tyrol; Alpine chic living and dining area and Turkish bath in the modern bathroom. In your bedroom you can really pamper yourself after an exciting day of vacation. Sleep well!


73 m² for 4-8 persons
As a SuiteAs a Apartment

Who comes on holiday? There is enough space for everyone: with the whole family or with friends. You can really let off steam in the two apartments on over 70 m². The cozy living and dining area in ancient local wood, the terrace and the balcony for lovers of the sun and pure relax in the Turkish bath and the two kitchens are ideal for cooking duels on the last spaghetti.